St. George Beer’s New Logo

New St. George Beer logo (Source:

Short story: Is St. George Beer launching a new line for kids? Bring back the original logotype.

St. George for me…

I usually refrain from critiquing design work because I don’t usually see the ‘why’ behind it. So I don’t have all the facts but I’m here to share what I see.

St. George has been around since 1922. It gives me a sense of pride when I think about it. It’s a strong brand. I loved the original logo and the beer label (it still features the original logo) — the Amharic logotype is so respectable.

Current St.George bottle with previous logo. (Source:

I was in a taxi from 4 Kilo to Bole when I saw this new logo on a billboard. I couldn’t believe my eyes — I felt betrayed, confused and robbed — as if something was taken from me.

What changed?

  1. The illustration was retouched a little — softer with less lines.
  2. Elegant Amharic font changed to a handwritten, free type.
  3. Curved orientations made into horizontal.

My Thoughts

Logos have to evolve with time. I’m okay with the illustration. Making the horizontal orientation is a great step in this evolution. The font used, however, does not preserve heritage. The comic sans-ish type has a childish feeling — hard to take seriously.

I can see the company is trying to reach a younger audience. There has got to be a better way.

St. George, come back, you’re losing your voice.


Rebrands are very challenging and even the best get it wrong sometimes. I think the Amharic logotype from the original logo should come back.

Designers, strategists and other passionate people: What did you think? Go write your thoughts below👇🏾

Disclaimer: I don’t drink. But I see brands and what they’re saying.




Graphic designer based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addismiraph Abebe

Addismiraph Abebe

Graphic designer based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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