Bilo’s New Logo

Addismiraph Abebe
2 min readMar 18, 2020

Short story: Heavily and utterly blessed by Bilo’s logo refresh.

What happened?

I saw it a few weeks ago. I was at Bole, a Thursday night. The take-away paper box was in the trash can. It took my breath away right when I saw it. I had to pull it out.

The logo on the packaging

I usually don’t go to Bilo’s. But because I’ve seen it so many times, I have come to like it and their cakes are awesome. That night, I didn’t know exactly what had changed. But I knew something happened — the packaging felt light, sweet and refreshing.

People don’t even notice the difference. 👏🏽

After I shared it on Instagram, many asked me what had changed. That is what makes it so good. The designers managed to keep the integrity of what Bilo’s already had.

Old logo (left) and new logo (right)

What changed?

  • Circular crop
  • Curvy finish for a more friendly icon
  • Balanced the cut by making it horizontal
  • No change in typography, just ditched the Amharic.


Old cafe sign — had to search for a branch that did not yet get the update (seen at Atlas)
Comparison between the old (top) and new sign (bottom) at night


Overall the logo feels fresh, beautiful and much much easier. And because of this thoughtful update, it will live longer to be loved by many.

To the designers: I love it. God bless you. Every time I pass by the sign, I am refreshed. Thank you!
(If you know who did this, please pass my appreciation!)

What did you think? 👇🏼