10 Graphic Designers in Addis Ababa to Follow on Instagram

Addismiraph Abebe
2 min readMay 23, 2020

The creative scene in Addis is exciting and it continues to grow. I have compiled 10 graphic designers that I’m following.

You can take note of the visual style each person has. Then in your next branding or advertising project, you could find a perfect match for collaboration.

1. Ermias Assefa


Ermias is an architect, concept designer, illustrator. His style is expressive, cute and very polished. He is also the Art Director at Behagerlij Studio.

His Telegram channel is updated more often t.me/artofermias.

2. Fanuel Leul


Fanuel’s work effortlessly combines scenes of Ethiopia with high-end technology. It’s like Wakanda. The art is so seamless that it takes time for my eyes to adjust and take in the details. Take your time here.

This is a must-follow account.

3. Diana Tekleab


Diana draws patterns by hand. They are food for the eyes — Mandalas, Zentangles and more.

In February 2020, I worked with Diana to create the brand identity for Africa Arise 2020.

4. Izzat Amanuel


When you’re looking for colorful, rebellious, and eye-popping illustrations, Izzat Amanuel’s Instagram feed is the place to stop at. He is also the co-founder and illustrator at GetzMag.com (you should check this out too).

5. Yeabtsega Getachew


I met Yeabtsega at the Yeha Digital Exhibit 2020. He creates consistent vector art portraits. His style is unique internationally.

6. Woini G


Woini is an architect, illustrator and skater (how cool). Her illustrations have a relatable brush-look feeling.

7. Mudot (Mussie Belachew)


If you like simple, minimal arts, Mudot is your guy. His designs feature one object — usually from the collective experience of Ethiopian childhood and tradition.

8. Zeamanuel Abera


Clean, spacious and thought-provoking: Zeamanuel comments on current events through his work.

9. Noh Balcha


Describing himself as a culture provocateur and a proud African, Noh’s pieces are strange yet familiar. His work, like Fanuel Leul’s, has an afro-futurist look.

10. Abyssinia Design (Two Mickys’)


Michael (@michaelremedy_12) and Mikias (@mikiabi20) are the hands behind this account. I got to met them, both Mickys’, at Yeha Digital Exhibition.

Most of their artwork feature faces from local tribes with a modern interpretation. In addition to these striking pieces, they show exciting Amharic and English type design.

So if you are looking for inspiration that is traditional, modern and colorful: give them a follow.

That’s it! Thanks for being here.

What are graphic design accounts you love? Let me know! Let’s do a part 2 together.